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Concept Structural Designer

CATIA Concept Structural Designer enables building designers  to layout common structural schemes using predictive rules. It also provides the capacity to define multiple intelligent 3D grids from sketches, drawings, building vertical organization, slab contours, and slab openings.

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Thanks to its integration within 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Concept Structural Designer enables the user to collaborate and communicate ideas thanks to formal online structural design reviews and informal network chats.

Concept Structural Designer
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  • Structural Grid Formation

  • Structural Component Library

  • Secondary Structural Component Library

  • Structural Foundation Library

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) and SDFN Model Export Library


  • Easy creation of structural grids

  • Swift and precise placement of structural members

  • Freedom to share Building Information Modeling (BIM) dataset in neutral format

  • Plan structure footing to build reality

  • Detailed planning with secondary supporting members