Product Planning and Programs

Target Zero Product Delays

Imagine your company has 20 concurrent projects, 1500 engineers and 150 suppliers. Meanwhile, your engineers are introducing 5000 new parts per year! With Product Planning and Program Management solutions from ENOVIA, clients can precisely orchestrate even the most complex of processes.

ENOVIA Product Planning and Program Management delivers "invisible governance" which provides the ability to identify potential issues and risks before they fully manifest. With invisible governance, you can drive project updates with deliverable status.


  • Determine the optimal mix of product capabilities to meet market demands and minimize engineering costs
  • Schedule and track all aspects of the product development process in real time as the work is completed
  • Plan and manage resource assignments based on real-time information on availability


  • Project Manager

    Concentrate Resources on Deliverables, Driving Successful Product Launches

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  • Project Team Member

    Involve a Broader Community of Stakeholders in Key Project and Program Decisions

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