Plastic Part & Mold Design Engineering

Mold & Tooling Designer

Mold & Tooling Designer

Mold tooling injection designers need to quickly design a tool based on their know-how. In addition, they need to ensure wall thickness uniformity and proper cooling of plastic parts and address issues such as shrinkage and mold removal. Product quality depends on mold design accuracy, so they can benefit greatly from a tool that specifically covers these processes.

Mold and Tooling Designer role specifically addresses the needs of Injection Mold Tooling designers. A predefined Layout allows users to insert and manage several Inserts in a positioned Mold Base, which greatly enhances productivity. It also features a dedicated Live command that fits the dimensions of the tool to the prints. Standard plastic mold bases coming from suppliers (DME, HASCO, FUTABA, etc.) are created in one-shot by selecting the recommended configuration. 

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A powerful process-oriented set of applications for the creation and validation of detailed mold tooling products, capitalizing on enginering know-how:

  • Conceptual design for bidding process including accurate pulling direction and wall thickness analysis, placeholder for ejectors and cooling systems
  • Anticipate and check manufacturing compliance with plastic injection simulation integrated in the environment of the mold designer
  • Extract parting lines and parting surfaces in dedicated features providing a unique design change automation. 
  • Re-use complex mechanical systems for earlier kinematics validation 
  • Re-use company know-how captured in smart components
  • Catalogs of standard Moldbases equipped with smart components from most of the mold tooling suppliers 
  • Seamless 3D Electrode design



Mold & Tooling Designer
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  • One integrated solution from part design to tooling manufacturing

  • Access to Plastic injection accessible in the environment of the mold designer

  • Automate design tasks and assist user decision-making

  • Anticipate and check manufacturing compliance

  • Capture, deploy and re-use company know-how

  • Enable collaborative online engineering

  • Facilitate & reduce the time of design change from the part to the mold thanks to automatic update