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Enabler for Nastran

Enabler for NASTRAN is an optional platform option that provides NASTRAN import, export, and results for roles such as: SMU, SFM, and SMR.

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Enabler for NASTRAN provides the ability for the 3DEXPERIENCE simulation analyst and simulation engineer to create models using familiar roles, and then to export those models into a NASTRAN formatted input deck that is suitable for execution either locally, in an HPC, or on the cloud.
Once the solver has completed, the user can then import the resulting OP2 file into Results Explorer and perform detailed 3D post-processing and visualization. This allows the NASTRAN user to experience the performance and efficiency benefits found in 3DEXPERIENCE based solutions.

Additionally, an existing NASTRAN model may be imported into 3DEXPERIENCE where the model may be modified and the mesh data related to existing parts.

Enabler for Nastran
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Key Features & Benefits

  • Utilize familiar 3DEXPERIENCE simulation apps to create and work with NASTRAN

  • High-performance post-processing of NASTRAN results

  • NASTRAN import/export that can be used with other 3rd party tools as a quasi-standard format with CAE

  • NASTRAN import

  • Direct NASTRAN export

  • NASTRAN results (OP2) import

  • Optional platform option, and part of the openness suite, for SMU, SFM, and SMR