Fluid Systems

Fluid 3D Systems Designer

Fluid 3D Systems Designer is a role that covers the 3D Physical Design and Manufacturing preparation of Routed Systems like Tubing (Hydraulic/pneumatic) Piping and HVAC (Heat Ventilation and Air-conditioning) within the DMU of a product. It is part of the complete integrated Fluid process and has tight synchronization capabilities with the Systems Schematic Designer role.

It also provides tools to define the physical system of both rigid and flexible pipes and tubes from basic routing definition to detailed design. This is made possible with the help of intelligent part placement based on standard and design rules that comply with company knowledge. In addition, its tools make it possible to quickly query design information and generate reports based on any component parameters. A full digital mock-up ensures design precision while saving time, minimizing errors, and reducing expenses.

Together with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the Fluid 3D Systems Designer role enables users to manage the design of their fluid systems all the way from conceptual functional design through to producing detailed manufacturing data.

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An integrated 3D fluid systems development environment for the physical design of tubing, piping and HVAC systems in the context of the Digital Mock-Up.

  • Creation and management of routed systems discipline including tubing, piping & HVAC systems.
  • Function-driven piping and tubing part placement.
  • Evolution from preliminary to detailed design layout.
  • Integrated dynamic design rules.
  • Intelligent modification of piping and tubing objects and routes.
  • Query and analysis of piping and tubing parts and configurations.
  • Customizable report definition and drawings.
Fluid 3D Systems Designer


  • Design and optimize the physical system of both rigid and flexible pipes/tubes and HVAC from basic routing definition to detailed design.

  • Take advantage of specification driven design and automated part placement capabilities to ensure compliance with corporate and industry

  • Create spools and all necessary associative drawings and reports.