Fluid Systems

Systems Schematic Designer

By providing Electrical & Fluid semantic the Systems Schematics Designer role allows a complete integrated workflow that links Systems Architecture definitions through to detailed 3D Electrical & Fluid systems design. Systems architects can capture functional & logical architecture and connectivity with discipline specific extensions of the logical model such as harness, net, wire, connector, pipes, equipment etc. 

The Systems Schematic Designer role contributes to optimize the electrical & fluid systems design process through an efficient user interface and automation of common tasks.

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The Systems Schematic Designer role creates discipline-specific intelligent schematics for wiring, cabling, piping/tubing and HVAC systems:

  • Multidiscipline schematic application for Wire Harness, Cabling, Tubing, Piping and HVAC 
  • From principle diagram to fully detailed schematic
  • Integrated in global design process (from logical to physical)
  • Objects exposed in database
  • Intelligent Schematic objects
  • Flexible Report generation



Systems Schematic Designer


  • Define and connect electrical and fluid systems schematics for a complete detailed system definition

  • Capture attributes and technology automatically within the schematic

  • Analyze connectivity and quality of schematic design and ensure synchronization with the 3D design using business intelligence rules.