Fastener Design Engineering

Fastener Designer

Fastener Designer

CATIA Fastener Designer provides an integrated platform with specialized fastening functionality, tuned to the needs of the industry. This enables design, methods and manufacturing engineers to work on the same virtual assembly, using the same specifications, standards and rules.


Fasteners Designer ensures solid fastening design on products and assemblies in a dedicated process. It supports concurrent engineering, lifecycle, change and configuration management as well as integration with DELMIA manufacturing apps. Coupled with Fasteners Reviewer, it provides immediate overall analysis. Specific searches through navigation and display allows designers to monitor fasteners reliably.

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Simplify the design and management of complex fastened assemblies:

- Errors reduction 


  • Leverage company rules and standard checks to minimize errors
  • Management of standards at  corporate level 


- Assembly time reduction 


  • Facilitate real collaboration and synchonization between engineering & methods / manufacturing departments
  • Offering mobile review tools


- Productivity enhancements


  • Design and Manufacturing operations are sharing same level of information (CATIA/DELMIA) – to shorten engineering change request process
Fastener Designer
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  • ·         Fastener Analysis & Review 

  • ·         Assembly Definition

  • ·         Design rule Validation

  • ·         Assembly Manufacturing / Process definition