Prismatic & Turning Machinist

Create, optimize and validate prismatic milling and turning programs.


With Prismatic & Turning Machinist, users can program milling and turning machines to produce 3D parts that require advanced 2.5-axis milling and turning operations. They can program complex multi-tasking mill-turn machines with synchronization and part transfer capabilities. 

The 3D environment immerses NC Programmers in a realistic virtual workplace as they create. optimize and validate NC programs for 2.5x milling and turning processes.

  • Manage and program machining resources with powerful multi-tasking mill-turn capabilities
  • Automatic association of prismatic machining features with part design
  • Best-in-class machining strategies for efficient programming of turning and mill-turn machines
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Key Features & Benefits

  • Groundbreaking user experience

  • Accelerate NC programming

  • Mitigate risk to production

  • Maximize machine tool utilization

  • Leverage intellectual property