Simulation-based Design

Steel Ship Structural Analysis Engineer

A Simulation Role for Analysis Engineers who use finite element techniques to assess the structural integrity of steel ship structures subject to a wide range of loading conditions to guide design decisions

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Steel Ship Structural Analysis Engineer allows to easily generate Finite Element models for functional designs created with CATIA Structure Functional Design App, then conduct structural simulations in order to guide the preliminary design for users in the Marine & Offshore industry. The dedicated mesh engine takes into account all the knowledge contained in the functional models (Panels, Stiffeners, Openings…) to generate a high-quality simulation model faithful to the standards of the Shipbuilding industry.

Steel Ship Structural Analysis Engineer
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Key Features & Benefits

  • Allows structural simulations to be performed directly on the real ship geometry

  • Automatic mesh and properties generation, compliant with the requirements of the Shipbuilding industry

  • Associativity with design allows quick iterations on the functional model

  • Full toolset allowing users to prepare, execute and post-process simulations within the fully immersive, intuitive, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform