Multiphysics Simulation

Complete Suite of Features for Solving Multiphysics Problems

Multiphysics Simulation is based on the market-leading Abaqus technology and provides a complete suite of features for solving Multiphysics problems involving linear and nonlinear solids, fluids, heat transfer, acoustics, vibration, low-frequency electromagnetics, electrostatics, and coupled behavior between these multiply physical responses. Co-simulation with external products is provided extending the applicability even further. Complex material behaviors in all domains are provided including metals, plastics, elastomers, soils, fluids, and other common engineering as well as high-tech material response. Single part and complex assembly analysis is easy. Most Fortune 500 companies rely on Abaqus within the Multiphysics suite as one of their go-to tools for engineering product development. Applications of Multiphysics include, to name just a few, thermo-mechanical durability of automobile engines, fatigue and fracture of composite structures, tire-soil interaction, inlet manifold thermomechanical durability, and electro-acoustic cutting of tissue. Many, many other applications are possible.