Fastener Design Engineering

Dedicated Solution to Cover the Fastener Process from Design to Manufacturing

  • Robust application to navigate and efficiently analyze fastening links and definition
  • Define your company rules to minimize errors
  • Manage your standards in your environment
  • Easy to use dashboarding
  • Predict change management: impact analysis, link management
  • Engineering and manufacturing teams sharing the same environment facilitating information sharing

Fasteners Design Engineering is available on premise.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Error reduction
    • Leverage company rules and standard checks to minimize errors
    • Management of standards at a corporate level
  • Assembly time reduction
    • Facilitate real collaboration and synchonization between engineering and methods / manufacturing departments
    • Mobile review tools
  • Productivity enhancements
    • Design and Manufacturing operations share the same level of information (CATIA/DELMIA) – to reduce the engineering change request process