Hydroformed Sheet Metal Design Engineering

Dedicated Solution to Cover the Sheetmetal Process from Design to Manufacturing

  • Easy to use, direct manipulation
  • Fast and accurate design capabilities
  • Unfold any type of bent parts after STEP import process-oriented sheet metal feature-based modeling
  • Concurrent engineering between the unfolded or folded part representation
  • Supports complex surface flanges
  • Aerospace-dedicated design features such as joggle, joggle on web, flanged cut out, surfacic web
  • Accelerated design and knowledge integration
  • Manage the forming process in 3D
  • Standard format management for design (STEP, IGES) and manufacturing (DXF)

Hydroformed Sheet Metal Design Engineering is available on premise.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Design sheet metal components rapidly, ensuring compliance with company rules and standards
  • Reduce design-to-manufacturing cycles
  • Optimize cost and quality and control delivery time
  • Smooth exchanges between suppliers and contractors