Classification and Component Management

Improve Reuse and Reduce Costs of Component Management Through Secure Content Classification

Classification and Component Management enables companies to define product content libraries to improve reuse throughout product development. Because of minimal effort involved, the library’s definition can adapt quickly and easily to rapidly changing business needs.

Classification and Component Management also enables companies to define classification taxonomies and manage reusable components in a single centralized location that helps improve reuse and reduce costs when defining the Approved Vendor and Manufacturer Lists (AVL and AML) for the enterprise engineering bill-of-material (EBOM).

Classification and Component Management is available on premise and cloud.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • More effectively search for re-use candidates
  • Effective product development requires efficient multi-discipline information sharing
  • Search library classification taxonomies and compare the results to locate information of interest
  • Navigate the library classification hierarchy to locate product content of interest
  • Reuse Impact on Time-to-Market: University of Tennessee
  • Allows companies to define classification taxonomies and manage the full scope of commercial component information in a single-central repository
  • Enables component administrators to fully define and control qualification and approval of enterprise parts as well as Manufacturer and Supplier Equivalent Parts (MEPs & SEPs) for EBOMs based on commodity, consuming location, and/or suppliers to minimize component proliferation