Manufacturing BOM Management

Maintain Global Alignment Between Engineering and Multiple Manufacturing Sites

Economic and competitive pressures are causing companies to quickly adopt a global design and manufacturing business strategy. This strategy includes the flexibility to optimize internal and external manufacturing resources to support product manufacturing requirements on a global basis. Companies need an enterprise solution that can enforce common design intent while providing needed flexibility at the plant level to account for the dynamics of the production process including material and supplier constraints. Manufacturing BOM Management provides companies with the ability to align product engineering direction from around the globe with manufacturing sites that are equally global and diverse.

Manufacturing BOM Management is available on premise and on cloud.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enables product and manufacturing engineers to work concurrently to detect and correct problems before release
  • Flexible, configurable Manufacturing Bill of Material (MBOM) management processes designed to address a wide range of industry requirements
  • Support for a global restructured MBOM which can be leveraged by customers that require one or more restructured manufacturing views from a common EBOM definition
  • Integrated change management, which enables the automatic generation of manufacturing changes to the global and site-specific Manufacturing BOMs, when an engineering change is released
  • Centrally manage internal and supplier equivalent parts and their manufacturing usage (alternates, substitutes) and preferences, without sacrificing the flexibility of plants to make local change implementation, make buy and alternate part usage decisions
  • Planning and managing unit-specific builds and the resultant “as-built” serialized structures