Volume Computation

Increase Collaboration Around Your Design IP Without Compromising Security

Volume Computation creates accurate, yet reduced fidelity, representations of parts or assemblies by keeping their external representation only. These simplified representations of parts, ensure confidentiality protection when communicating with suppliers. Further development can be facilitated by providing space reservation through swept volume representations, which can also be used for clash detection. Finally, all generated representations can be managed easily by saving and reusing them for productive digital review and analysis.

Volume Computation enables the user to handle digital mock-ups of all sizes, in industries as various as consumer goods, automotive, aerospace, energy, shipbuilding or heavy machinery. It enables greater productivity for digital review and analysis with a comprehensive set of commands and unique set of functions to optimize the size and number of files that can be manipulated at any stage of the review. Security of confidential intellectual property (IP) is protected by replacing geometrically accurate parts with simplified external representations. Users can create representations of products or assemblies which are adapted to specific review tasks. Volume Computation enables users to perform potentially complicated and time-consuming verifications on products easily and with fewer actions.

Volume Computation is available on premise and on cloud.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Generate lighter representations of parts by simplifying meshes to a user-selectable level of accuracy
  • Ensure confidentiality and IP protection when communicating with suppliers
  • Efficiently provide space reservation by generating the swept volume of a moving parts
  • Optimize digital mock-up management through a combination of Dassault Systèmes' governance and lifecycle applications Volume Computation commands provided to meet the user’s specific needs