Design Synthesis

Resolve Issues Earlier by Working on the Latest Virtual Product Globally

For many companies, reviewing designs can be a challenging process with many steps to consider, from locating parts to building an assembly for participants to review and record any issues. Parts can be out-of-date or be incorrect for an assembly, review teams can be missing critical roles or include individuals who are not collaborative, and reviews can be conducted haphazardly with no consensus on issues or follow-up actions. Design Synthesis enables architects or integrators to organize, manage and follow-up digital mockup reviews, packaging, and pre-assembly analyses. Design Synthesis improves design quality, enhances time to market, and keeps costs in control by detecting, tracking, and managing interferences on complex and large digital mockups. Design Synthesis shares a complete 3D report of how development decisions are made. With Design Synthesis, users access tools that optimize visualization, navigation, analysis, and communication. Users may analyze product consistency, display review presentations, reply to reviews and make better informed decisions.

Design Synthesis is available on premise and on cloud.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Interference checking tools to ensure proper fit and package of complex products and assemblies
  • Define the community (users) that should be involved in the review
  • Define clear targets of the review through a set of objectives (checks) which may be related to requirements defined by the company
  • Define precisely the data to be reviewed, establishing clear context
  • Declare the points to be presented during review meeting (highlights) as well as their severity, then link them to an objective
  • Simplify the creation of a task or engineering change for each issue agreed during the meeting, streamlining and clarifying needed actions to resolve issues
  • Follow the status of the review so that issues are resolved in a timely and efficient manner