Copy and Artwork Management

Enable Consistent and Efficient Artwork Application Throughout Your Portfolio

Copy and Artwork Management provides a holistic solution that allows companies to manage their artwork assets as well as the artwork process. This takes into account the complexities of multiple products, product variants and languages in a single repository. Artwork authoring can be done in parallel by many stakeholders that each contribute a portion of the final product. Development is streamlined by leveraging a template approach for such things as markets and languages.

Copy and Artwork Management is available on premise.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Artwork elements are managed in context of the product hierarchy and inherited by all children within the hierarchy promoting consistency across the product line and reuse of copy
  • Master Copy Lists act as a template for all Pieces of Art (POAs) for the product ensuring the right content every time
  • Artwork package setup uses pre-defined market/language setup and master copy lists for consistent and quick set up of artwork content for POAs
  • Authoring can be done in parallel by different users (e.g. marketing, regulatory and legal) for the elements they are responsible for, with in-cell and rich text editing capability