Manufacturing Assembly Evaluation

Assembly Feasibility Studies through 3D Simulation

Manufacturing Assembly Evaluation enables users to perform product assembly feasibility studies in 3D. The powerful, intuitive capabilities are used to discover potential assembly issues and communicate these discoveries directly to product designers or other stakeholders early, when changes are easier and less expensive. Manufacturing Assembly Evaluation includes shop floor resources and layout in 3D. Planners can create, optimize, and validate the assembly process in its manufacturing setting. Users can view and share the product in its assembled state in 3D with other project stakeholders. Using simple, intuitive commands, they can create interference-free product disassembly trajectories and discover potential design-for-assembly issues earlier.

Manufacturing Assembly Evaluation is available on premise.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Groundbreaking user experience
  • Determine feasibility early in the design phase
  • Determine assembly feasibility of manufactured parts
  • Determine assembly process validation during detailed process planning
  • Improve assembly process plan quality