3D XML Format

3D XML is a universal, lightweight XML-based format that enables users to share live, accurate 3D data quickly and easily.

3D XML Format Highlights


With 3D XML, 3D information can be easily incorporated into technical documentation, maintenance manuals, marketing brochures, websites, email communications and many other everyday uses. This re-use of 3D information broadens the base of 3D users.


The new format greatly enhances collaboration around 3D information. With 3D XML, data can be seamlessly integrated with the rest of the company's business processes. Rich PLM information created by engineering departments is now accessible to the extended enterprise.


3D XML content is fully described using XML Schema. Users can exploit 3D XML schema to implement it in their own applications. Users can also extend/customize the schema to add applicative or user data to the format.

Fully documented

The public 3D XML documentation consists of a set of schemas which caters for number of application needs and a user’s guide for easy access to 3D XML specifications.

Easy to adopt

3D XML is self-describing. 3D XML data can be read or written using standard tools and can be easily interpreted by applications. The broad adoption of 3D XML reduces the cost of re-using 3D data everywhere.

Small and Shareable

3D XML enables users to capture and share live 3D data quickly and easily in a lightweight format with file sizes up to 90 percent smaller than those of existing formats. 3D XML files can be loaded and transferred rapidly on the Web and used in the context of a collaborative system.