CAA V5 for CATIA/DELMIA - Manufacturing

Required for developing on top of the CAA V5 Manufacturing Infrastructure.


5 days


At the end of this course, attendees will be familiar with the CAA V5 Manufacturing development infrastructure. Attendees will be able to create their own manufacturing feature and to integrate it in CATIA. 

Participants' profile:

C++ programmers ONLY.


To take full advantage of this instruction, participants are expected to be familiar with:

      - CATIA / DELMIA V5 Manufacturing workbenches knowledge
      - CAA V5 For CATIA / DELMIA  - Getting Started (Mandatory)

Content Abstract:  
  • Reminders about the previous CAA trainings

  • The Manufacturing workbench - Integration of a new addin

  • Manufacturing activity creation in a catalog

  • Manufacturing target geometry creation in a catalog

  • Tool Path Computation

  • The Post-Processor

  • The Manufacturing Automation APIs

Training material and method used:

- Classroom with 10 participants maximum, 2 per Windows machine
- Teacher's presentation & demos for one third of the time; two-thirds for hands on practice
- Practice: a simple application to be enriched by a new object type to illustrate all these components and all the application development aspects 
- Training material handed out in paper format