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The company offers its customers - leading enterprises active worldwide - integration solutions for CAx, ERP, PDM/PLM, SDM and supplier communication, thus making e-engineering a reality. Additionally PROSTEP offers all kind of services and consulting around Systems Engineering.

The transition from simple, isolated applications to increasingly intelligent, ever more complexly networked solutions has begun. The experience gained in numerous projects has shown that solutions implemented on the basis of standards provide the greatest scope with regard to scalability, flexibility and stability.

Open standards like STEP, XML or Java allow the implementation of this strategy and open up new capabilities for innovative solutions.

This is why standards provide the foundation for PROSTEP's OpenSOLUTION strategy:

  • OpenDXM - Solution for Managed File Transfer
  • OpenPDM - Platform for Integration and Migration of any PLM data
  • PDFGenerator3D - Business processes on base of intelligent documents with 3D content
  • OpenDESC - Services for CAD Conversions
  • Consulting for Systems Engineering

PROSTEP is focused on PLM-driven business sectors like automotive and aerospace industries. All of our products and services described above are heavily connected to the product range of Dassault Systemes.

Value proposition


During the last years, PROSTEP has intensified the partnership with Dassault Systemes around the CATIA V5 product range.

The Services Partnership, including the brands CATIA, ENOVIA and SMARTEAM, is a key in the long history of cooperation between Dassault Systemes and PROSTEP.

A special focus of this agreement is the field of "Knowledgeware" and "Knowledge based Engineering" (KBE) in the CATIA V5 environment, for which PROSTEP has developed deep skills especially during the last 24 months.

Both companies agree in giving "Knowledgeware" a deep impact on forecasted engineering scenarios in the CAD- and PLM-domain, with a primary focus on automotive and aerospace industry segments.

PROSTEP offers a whole variety of services around KBE. This starts from workshops and trainings for the CATIA V5 KBE workbenches, continues with consulting services for the introduction and implementation of adequate KBE technologies in companies from major industries and further on includes the development of specific KBE applications based on technologies like templates, power-copies, scripts, CAA V5-applications and others.

For supporting these tasks, PROSTEP also works with Dassault Systemes in the field of CAAV5 development as a CAAV5 Adopter for the development of commercial products and as a Development Service Provider for the development of CAA V5 based custom applications.