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Coastal Logic creates software solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) organizations. We are the leading provider of Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) Batch Printing and PDF Conversion integrations for Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA / 3DExperience / MatrixOne.

Coastal Logic and our software products evolved over many years of field experience working with MatrixOne and ENOVIA clients. We discovered that time after time, customers had several critical needs; to securely convert a large variety of documents into PDFs and to batch print from their PLM databases.  

In the past, these customers developed their own home-grown systems or relied on consulting companies to provide one-off code. Both of these attempts were cumbersome and expensive to maintain and keep current.  

In 2002 Coastal Logic launched two commercial, OOTB, MatrixOne/ ENOVIA integrations: convertLogic and printLogic. Both products were designed to address common needs, while having the flexibility to address the specific requirements of individual organization.  

Coastal Logic's Batch Printing and PDF Conversion solutions are globally deployed by companies in a wide variety of industries including Aerospace, Industrial, and Life Sciences. A significant percentage of Coastal Logic's customers are Fortune 500 companies who have been with us from the start in 2002. These organizations rely on Coastal Logic software to increase efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance and accelerate profit.

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The Out-Of-The-Box Coastal Logic solutions include two flagship products: convertLogic, which automatically converts hundreds of document types to PDF and then stamps the resulting PDF with virtually any metadata, and printLogic, which enables ENOVIA users to batch print directly from the ENOVIA web interface while creating secure, metadata-stamped printouts. 

Since our products are true Out-Of-The-Box Integrations, there are no required services or "customization" expenses. Our products are pre-certified to work with ALL versions of ENOVIA / 3DExperience / Matrix. Application upgrades do not require rewriting or coding. Maintenance is a standard annual fee with no extra costs.

convertLogic (including ENOVIA Communicator) helps to enable regulatory compliance and increase document transportability by converting files into secure, metadata-stamped PDF files. Conversions are triggered automatically by PLM lifecycle events and occur on dedicated servers. Users can be given the option of creating conversions On Demand. All aspects of the conversion and stamping process are under strict Administrator control.

printLogic (including ENOVIA Communicator) gives ENOVIA users a "print" button in the web interface that allows them to print metadata-stamped documents without needing to use viewing software or native applications. Prints can be individual or batched hundreds at a time, and virtually any data can be extracted from the database and applied to prints. All aspects of the printing and stamping process are under strict Administrator control.

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+1 904-371-3038