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Visenso GmbH, based in Stuttgart, is one of the leading providers of visualization and Virtual Reality (VR) software as well as all-in-one solutions (soft- and hardware). Founded in 2004 by Martin Zimmermann, the company develops tools to create interactive worlds like for example aerodynamic simulations, architecture visualization or crash simulations.

Based on the self-developed software COVISE, the company gained a very positive reputation in the industrial business by the possibility to visualize specific data in 3D within the field of "Immersive Engineering". Throughout the recent years, Visenso extended its operations in areas of "Immersive Entertainment & Selling" and "Immersive Teaching" with the 3D stereo solution "Cyber-Classroom" for school, university and vocational education. 

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COVISE, a visualization and VR software, is the centerpiece that allows visualization of 3D models also providing interactive features all within seconds after entering a complex and three-dimensional data structure or process.  By visualizing the 3D stereo data in real time, relationships are experienced and grasped intuitively. Innovation is understood and appreciated.

In order to improve the teaching of complex issues in product development, Visenso offers the Virtual Reality (VR) solution COVISE ENG. The aim is to enable, through interaction, immersion in constructions and simulations. Advantage is that beside the visualization of geometry like CATIA or SOLIDWORKS models, COVISE is able to visualize physical properties and numerical simulation results, e.g. SIMULIA/ABAQUS, etc. 

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