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Simpleware develops and markets world-leading software solutions for the conversion of 3D image data into high quality Finite Element and CFD models, as well as CAD and Rapid Prototyping. The ease and accuracy with which models can be generated has opened up image-based analysis to a wide range of industries including: Biomechanics, Materials Science, Oil & Gas, Industrial Reverse Engineering and Natural Sciences.

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Simpleware ScanIP+FE provides a robust conversion of 3D image data into multi-part volumetric models. The software generates volume and/or surface meshes, contact surfaces and material properties from segmented scan data. These high quality meshes can be directly imported into Abaqus, as well as a range of other commercial FE and CFD packages.
Key Features/Benefits:
Produce complex models of excellent quality in a fraction of the time taken with other approaches
Export meshes directly to Abaqus
Mesh multiple structures and define contact surfaces between them
Assign continuous material properties throughout a mesh

Easy to learn and operate
Backed by full technical support from experienced engineers
Mesh generation module +FE

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