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Noomeo is an innovative company, which develops and industrializes 3D measurements systems dedicated to aeronautics applications. The offer is based on three brands Noomeo Systems, Noomeo Products and Noomeo Services. Noomeo Systems is an R&D service focused on aircraft manufacturer with the aim to link the “as built” to the “as design”. Noomeo Products sales the OptiNum technology dedicated to the inspection of airframe for MRO and airlines. Noomeo Services is an end-to-end services dedicated to SMEs to create a 3D CAD library based on the manufacturing asset of the customer.

Technology Partnership

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The OptiNum™ product is dedicated to the scan of 3D objects, generating the necessary information that enables the creation of an equivalent virtual model. The point cloud generated by the product, or the mesh extracted from the point cloud need to be processed according to the field of application and expertise area of the user. For this step, the integration with the software from Dassault Systemes presents an effective added value for the user. Actually, he can make use of the data generated by OptiNum™ product in its preferred software for data analysis, preparation and customization. This is mainly true for the areas of reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and design, where the OptiNum™ product and Dassault Systemes products complement themselves very well. Finally, the partnership with Dassault Systemes enhances the confidence in the technology proposed by Noomeo and opens many areas of application


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