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Mentor Graphics Corporation is a world leader in electrical wiring and harness design as well as electronic hardware and software design solutions.  Mentor Graphics provides products, consulting services and award-winning support for the world’s most successful automotive, aerospace, electronic, semiconductor and systems companies.

Mentor Graphics is unique in providing solutions for both the hardware components (the harness, chips and boards) and the software components (the embedded operating systems and applications/drivers that control the product's operation).  Our expertise spans the design, simulation and manufacturing of these products and underpins our customer understanding and support.

Our strength lies in helping customers design leading-edge products for fast-paced markets (e.g. wireless communications, and internet network servers) with shorter product development cycles and minimal technology risk. In essence, we help our customers build better, amrter products, sooner -- improving their profit potential.

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Electrical & Wire Harness Design

Capital is an advanced software suite for the electrical system & wire harness domain. Used by leading automotive, aerospace and harness makers, Capital is built to support the complex demands of integrated processes from initial vehicle definition through design, manufacture and service.  The tight integration with CATIA V5 provides significant advantages for customers and allows a best in class approach to the electrical and mechanical challenges.

CHS - CATIA V5 Bridges link CATIA V5 with Mentor Graphics widely used Capital product. These bridges dramatically reduce electrical system design time and errors via the integration of electrical, mechanical and harness data within a single flow.

Mechanical Analysis

FloEFD for CATIA V5 is a computational fluid dynamics analysis tool that is truly embedded into CATIA V5. FloEFD is a full-featured 3D fluid flow, heat transfer analysis package that is both fast to learn and to use because it doesn’t come with the numerical complexity and meshing overheads of traditional high-end CFD.

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Version 5
> FloEFD.V5
Version 5
> CHS design tools
> TransDesign V5 Bridge
> LCable V5 Bridge
> CHS-CATIA V5 Bridges

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