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Via Aleardi, 22 97018 SCICLI ITALY

Phone:+39 331/386-6865
Web: http://3-im.com/


3-im is a business consulting company specialized in the implementation and use of innovative business processes that use 3D and Building Information Modeling to increase clients’ productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.
3-im has developed a unique experience in world’s most challenging and complex projects and applies an unparalleled knowledge to help to a variety of different projects in diverse fields, including Architecture, Construction, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Retail.
3-im helps clients to drastically increase project control, to better manage project’s risk and to significantly reduce project’s delays and unbudgeted costs. Working with 3-im means gaining control over project operations and delivering better building in less time and at lower costs.
At 3-im we use the most advanced business processes derived from manufacturing industries and we combine this know-how with sophisticated 3D technologies, Building Information Modeling software and Product-Lifecycle-Management systems to control the entire lifecycle of a project, from inception to delivery and maintenance.
Our management has more than 20 years of combined experience working in more than 50 projects in than 12 different countries around the globe, helping architects like Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, Morphosis, Asymptote, Rem Koolhaas, UNStudio, Daniel Liebeskind and many others building their visions.
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Value proposition

Empowered by Dassault Systems Experiences 3-im is committed to deliver the best-in-class consulting services and technologies to our clients and to support them during the entire life-cycle of their projects ensuring a continuous adaptation of our main services and tools to their exceptional needs and expectations. Our clients can rely on two key factors: our unique experience and our compelling service and technology offering. Our services and technologies offering is designed to address the necessity of a trusted BIM and 3D Integrated Delivery consultant along the whole development of a project, from inception to delivery, passing thought the delicate construction process and extending to the 3D assisted facility management, including operations and maintenance.