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다쏘 시스템의 ENOVIA는 신제품을 출시하기 위한 최적의 협업 어플리케이션입니다. ENOVIA는 소규모 사용자 환경부터 글로벌 대기업까지 모두가 즐겨 사용할 수 있는 훌륭한 사용자 익스피리언스를 제공하는 것을 목표로 합니다.

Engineer / Designer

Tools for designers, product engineers, manufacturing professionals and other innovators collaborating on product development. If you are responsible for rapid authoring, analysis and validation of products and processes, then click here to find how ENOVIA can help.

ENOVIA Format Converter for NX

ENOVIA® Format Converter for NX

ENOVIA Format Converter for NX enables V6 users to reuse or migrate in ENOVIA VPM Central NX Application data.

• Users can import NX Exact geometry as Tessellated V6 representation and leverage it in downstream V6 processes, such as Design review, Digital mockup review, Design in Context, Manufacturing.

• Users can also migrate NX Exact geometry into V6 Exact Geometry representation thus allowing to fully pursue design with V6 authoring applications.

  • The ENOVIA Format Converter for NX: • Enables V6 users to collaborate on NX® Application Format. They can Import the NX file contents in V6 • Enables customers to migrate from NX®  to V6