DELMIA 버전 6 릴리스 2013x

지속 가능한 개발을 위한 3DEXPERIENCE의 글로벌 생산 시스템

Digital Manufacturing and Production

Digital Manufacturing & Production delivers a natural interactive 3D PLM environment for creating sharing and experiencing manufacturing IP.

  • Assembly Simulation Engineers

    Assembly Simulation EngineersCreating operations to build the as-planned product and analyzing requirements more

  • Ergonomics Specialists

    Ergonomics SpecialistsAssessing the working conditions, ensuring compliance, and verifying assembly across multiple platforms more

  • Manufacturing Managers

    Manufacturing ManagersManaging the manufacturing process with a goal toward optimized global production operations efficiency more

  • Manufacturing Planners

    Manufacturing PlannersCreating and optimizing build-to-order and lean production manufacturing systems more

  • NC Programmers

    NC ProgrammersDefining the behavior of programmable CNC machines more

  • Resource Engineers

    Resource EngineersDefining and optimizing manufacturing assets concurrently with manufacturing planning more

  • Robotics Programmers

    Robotics ProgrammersPerforming reachability studies, interlock analysis, and offline robot teaching to deliver optimized robotics programs to the... more

  • Supply Chain Planners

    Supply Chain PlannersDirecting the availability and allocation of materials and supplies more