DELMIA Virtual Production for Production Performance

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Operations Solutions

DELMIA Operations – a suite of proven scalable intelligence and execution solutions that enable manufacturing communities to optimize their shop floor processes and product quality.

Operations Domain Overview

The DELMIA Operations suite of products serve two key domains: Operations Management and Operations Intelligence

Operations Management: These DELMIA Operations products enable manufactures a way to replace shop floor paper based processes and work instructions with a pure web based solution. Unique customer business rules are easily configured and enforced assuring process quality and reducing non-value added rework and inspection points. Work instructions are interactive in 0-3D format and improve worker comprehension and data collection quality. Notification events are automatic improving worker collaboration cycle times. Managers are able to quickly discover and react to production bottlenecks.

Operations Intelligence: Many companies find that even when they maintain manufacturing specifications, the end result can still be scrap or poor quality. These DELMIA Operations products leverage real life manufacturing data by identifying the rules of what works and what doesn’t. Once the rules are established production personnel can be informed of a potential problem and are able to reduce the risk by adjusting the process or product parameters. Process owners are provided a way to test the rules against as built data to assure they are still accurate and valid. These patented products provide product and process insight that even the most advanced design of experiment and statistical tools have failed to uncover.

Operations Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
DELMIA - Work Instruction Player Interactive   WPI  
DELMIA - Work Instruction Player Visual   WPV  
DELMIA - Velocity Integrator   VCI  
DELMIA - Velocity Core   VCC  
DELMIA - Shop Floor Portal   SFP  
DELMIA - Process Rules Discovery   RDY  
DELMIA - Performance Tracker   PFT  
DELMIA - Order Planning (OPG)   OPG  
DELMIA - Operations Execution   OEX  
DELMIA - Emergent Process Management   EGP  
DELMIA - Operations Advisor   OAD  
DELMIA - Digital Numerical Control Connector   DCC