DELMIA Virtual Production for Production Performance

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당사의 영역

DELMIA Operations – a suite of proven scalable intelligence and execution solutions that enable manufacturing communities to optimize their shop floor processes and product quality.
Process & Resource Plan Definition
Employs the structure and diagrams of the Process Planning solutions into the application specific disciplines of manufacturing. Verify process methodologies with actual product geometry and define processes to a greater level of detail.
Factory Definition & Simulation
DELMIA Robotics - a scalable solution that can leverages the power of the Manufacturing Hub to deliver integrated, scalable, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions, while DELMIA Human provides such organizations with a suite of human simulation.
Production Management
Within this set of solutions, resources such as robots, tooling, fixtures, machinery, automation and ergonomics are defined and infused into a complete scenario of manufacturing.
Digital Manufacturing Foundations
Based on breath-taking technology and open to industry standards, DELMIA V5 Infrastructure provides a uniquely scalable and open platform for collaborative digital manufacturing.