3DVIA Composer

3DVIA Composer is a desktop application for revolutionizing the creation of product deliverables.

3DVIA Composer can be used by non-technical users and does not require CAD knowledge or training. Intelligent views permit complex product procedures to be effectively communicated using a minimum of text. Views can be annotated and labeled in any way and format the user wishes. In addition, 3DVIA Composer permits the creation of styles which can be applied to any content to ensure visual consistency.

Input data can come from any 3D CAD system and can be maintained in the file system or in any PLM system. Outputs from 3DVIA Composer are industry-standard file formats, including PDF, HTML, AVI and graphics formats like SVG and CGM.

Animations, including kinematics and reverse-kinematics, as well as high-resolution image outputs such as SVG and CGM files, can be created easily. Producing 2D line art is quick and easy with 3DVIA Composer’s built-in technical illustration capabilities. 3DVIA Composer even permits users to document the product while it may still be incomplete and then later update all deliverables without the need to re-work those deliverables.

3DVIA Composer requires no programming skills or other specialized capabilities to produce any of its output deliverables.