Unified Live Collaboration

Unified Live Collaboration

The Unified Live Collaboration domain allows companies to deploy product lifecycle processes across the extended enterprise by providing a single view of IP across all business process domains, powerful collaborative process management capabilities, and an SOA that integrates with other enterprise systems. The domain contains the following sub-processes: Data Warehouse Indexing and Search, Business Process Management and Execution, IP Asset Federation, and I-PLM Studio Collaboration.

ENOVIA Live Collaboration

ENOVIA® Live Collaboration is the underlying support for all ENOVIA products and other Dassault Systèmes products for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), which include CATIA®, 3DLive®, SIMULIA®, and DELMIA®.

Pressure has never been greater for global enterprises to deliver innovative products to market quickly and profitably. To compete in this environment, companies need to increase top-line revenue growth by bringing innovative products and technologies to market and drive bottom-line profitability by driving efficiencies into new product development processes. In this increasingly outsourced environment, many companies accomplish non-core competencies outside their organization. The most successful are those companies that best manage and collaborate with their value chain in order to create a single virtual enterprise.


ENOVIA Live Collaboration provides companies with a single, secure environment that eliminates the barriers caused by geographically dispersed organizations and value chains. ENOVIA Live Collaboration enables the following standard capabilities:

Standard-based world-class scalability, performance, and openness to support the largest, most complex deployments

A rich interface experience common across all ENOVIA Web based products

Virtual workspaces and process management to share product content securely for cross-functional collaboration of all product development content in repeatable workflow business process

Metrics reporting to drive continuous business process improvements using pre-built reports

Search and navigate PLM data such as parts, bills-of-material, documents, specifications and sourcing information

  • Deploy PLM solutions to solve immediate business problems, and quickly scale to support large global deployments
  • Collaborate with external partners, suppliers, and developers as early as possible in the development process
  • Increase external collaboration through role-based access while maintaining network and information security
  • Leverage the best practices developed in partnership with some of the world’s most innovative companies while retaining your competitive advantage and adaptability
  • Realize powerful business benefits and metrics through global collaboration
  • World-Class Scalability
    ENOVIA Live Collaboration’s scalable 64-bit architecture enables the addition of industry standard web application servers for load balancing and geographically dispersed deployments. All users can benefit from centralized file management to upload and download their document IP. Optional remote file collaboration servers can be deployed at work sites throughout the world. As a result, large files remain close to the users who access those files most frequently, while ensuring that all users worldwide have easy access as needed.
  • Secure Work Environment
    ENOVIA Live Collaboration provides several levels of security: User Level Security, Policy Level Security, Object Level Security, and Attribute Level Security. Users must pass security requirements at each level to gain access to the data. Distinct access masks are available for granular access control – over 30 access masks are available like read, modify, delete, etc.
  • Rich Interface Experience
    The intuitive and consistent user interface provides many capabilities to help end-users manage their work. Features such as printer-friendly views, user interface personalization and visual cues are common throughout the ENOVIA interface.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    Many companies consolidate their application access using a single login for centrally managing user access and privileges. ENOVIA Live Collaboration provides advanced LDAP / SSO integration to ensure common authentication and administration based on the company’s standard identity management solution. Note that SSO configuration and authentication is supported for the web-based ENOVIA applications only.
  • Full-Text and 3D Search
    ENOVIA Live Collaboration provides a unique user experience for searching structured metadata and file data. The full-text search capabilities leverage the Autonomy IDOL technology, which is designed for information discovery and retrieval. The search solution provides fast, sub-seconds response information access using a simple, intuitive interface, allowing end-users to find, and analyze data more clearly and accurately. In addition, ENOVIA Live Collaboration provides the basis for 3D search within ENOVIA 3DLive. The ENOVIA® VPM 3D Indexing Configuration component within ENOVIA Live Collaboration, together with ENOVIA 3DLive, enables users to search CATIA® V6 models and product structures and retrieve 3D information in real time. The embedded Autonomy-based full-text search solution does require additional infrastructure and setup requirements. If a customer does not wish to use full-text search a toggle mode exists to enable/disable full-text search is provided in favor of traditional ENOVIA database searching.
  • Case Sensitive/Insensitive Databases
    The deployment of the ENOVIA system can be based on a number of databases such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MySQL. With the exception of DB2 which is always case insensitive, all other deployments can be configured as case sensitive or insensitive. While most deployments are case sensitive, some implementations prefer a case insensitive database so that all user searches are case insensitive by default without having to specify it per search criteria.
  • Distributed File Store Management
    Distributed file storage ensures optimal performance for remote users. Files are copied and placed at various remote file servers positioned close to the end-user for best file transfer times. To establish new remote file stores, administrators can leverage tools provided to clone existing file locations and pre-populate the remote sites with file data; otherwise, data is replicated on-demand as files are accessed by remote users. As disk storage runs low, administrators can purge files that are least-accessed while the master copy is still maintained at a different site. Note that an ENOVIA® File Collaboration Server product license is required for each remote site requiring distributed file store management.
  • Diagnostics and Monitoring
    ENOVIA provides monitoring tools to enable administrators to track and ensure proper operation of the ENOVIA system. The monitoring tool provides standard logging capabilities using standard IBM CBE (Common Base Event) monitoring log format. With the use of 3rd party monitoring tools from IBM, Microsoft and others, the monitoring information can be collected to provide instant alerts and notifications to recover system failure and downtime.
  • Access to PLM Content
    Read only access to key data elements is provided by ENOVIA Live Collaboration. All users can read and search V6 engineering work-in-progress status, parts, bills-of-material, documents, specifications, and sourcing information. All users can participate in change processes and approvals for this data with processes such as the Engineering Change Order (ECO) and Engineering Change Request (ECR).
  • Standards-based Open Environment
    ENOVIA Live Collaboration’s standards-based open environment enables organizations to implement a PLM strategy quickly and easily across diverse environments, applications and platforms. In addition, with Adaplets® customers can extend standard ENOVIA product capabilities to create a PLM federation with other enterprise systems. Adaplets are an ENOVIA proprietary technology to communicate with other data sources and represent this data as if it is native to the ENOVIA system. ENOVIA Live Collaboration provides run-time access to Adaplets. To develop a custom Adaplet, a customer must license ENOVIA® Studio Federation Toolkit.