The Governance domain allows companies to launch enterprise-wide new product introductions on-time and on-budget. Within Governance are these sub-processes: Requirements Management, Portfolio Configuration, Program Management, Decision Support Business Intelligence, and Compliancy.

ENOVIA Live Validation

ENOVIA® Live Validation enables engineering managers, project leaders, and designers to oversee and participate in collaborative digital mockup reviews, packaging, and pre-assembly analyses within ENOVIA® 3DLive™ and CATIA® V6.

For many companies, reviewing and validating designs can be a challenging process with many steps to consider, from locating parts to building an assembly for participants to review and record any issues. Parts can be out-of-date or be incorrect for an assembly, review teams can be missing critical roles or include individuals who are not collaborative, and reviews can be conducted haphazardly with no consensus on issues or follow-up actions.

ENOVIA Live Validation shares a complete 3D report of how development decisions are made. With ENOVIA Live Validation, users access tools that optimize visualization, navigation, analysis, and communication. Users can analyze product consistency, display review presentations, execute design validation, conduct 3D meetings, reply to reviews and make better informed decisions.

  • Collaborate on digital mockup reviews, and packaging and pre-assembly analyses.
  • Shorten the review process by sharing identified problems with team members for faster resolution
  • Identify and resolve design issues earlier in the product development cycle
  • Accurately track designs errors from identification to resolution
  • Turn brainstorming ideas into reality by making contextual changes in 3D real-time
  • Communicate solutions clearly with annotations that explain concerns
  • Answer questions in real-time using technical analysis tools that reveal important details
  • Optimize clarity and understanding with carefully placed geometry
  • Ensure intellectual property is secure on screen, online, or in print
  • Document multiple 3D reviews and validations without affecting the product definition
  • Conduct Design Review Meetings with Real-Time Access to Accurate Information
    To make the best design and development decisions possible, attendees in a collaborative review meeting need access to accurate, real-time, in-context information. In addition, meeting attendees need to “present” information in a quick and easy to understand format. ENOVIA Live Validation allows design managers and engineering teams to: - Build their design review environment digitally in real-time - Analyze the digital mock-up to gain early insight into key factors that determine quality, performance, and cost These capabilities enable better decision-making by stakeholders, leading to faster time to market, quality improvements, and lower costs.
  • Perform a Review with Comprehensive Review and Analysis Tools
    ENOVIA Live Validation has review tools that allow users to access information, create slides, and add text and annotations for accurate design analysis and information sharing. Users can: - Engage 3D review tools that reveal important details and allow users to add 3D markers to annotate the digital mockup or section geometry to analyze the content and measure items or distances - Use a robot to move parts directly into 3D to provide more clarity in the review - Render all markers with colors, transparencies and position - Enable instant collaboration for participants to share any review information in real-time - Allow “read only” access to relevant validation objects (context, replies, checks and concerns) for seamless collaboration between architects (DVA users) and engineering managers, project leaders, or designers (LVA users)
  • Use a Collaborative Decision Management Digital Review Process to Validate Designs
    ENOVIA Live Validation offers a complete environment to validate a product design using a collaborative Decision Management Digital Review (DMDR) process. Users can perform reviews, adding information and feedback related to issues, replying to previous reviews or other participants’ comments. Using ENOVIA Live Validation, users create validation objects that remain fully associative throughout the product development lifecycle. Validations contain information to enable knowledgeable decision-making. Previously, review and validation results would be integrated into the product structure, which would affect downstream processes. ENOVIA Live Validation provides the capability for review and validation at a different level than the product structure, without affecting the product definition. ENOVIA Live Validation takes full advantage of the Dassault Systèmes V6 infrastructure and user experience. The product offers user-friendly navigation and quick access to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) information.
  • The Role of ENOVIA V6 and PLM 2.0
    ENOVIA Live Validation supports PLM 2.0, product lifecycle management online for everyone, and the ENOVIA V6 values: global collaboration innovation, single PLM platform for intellectual property (IP) management, online creation and collaboration, ready to use PLM business processes, and lower cost of ownership.