ENOVIA® - コラボレーティブPLM(プロダクト・ライフサイクル・マネージメント)


ENOVIA Live Process Review

View Product, Process, and Resource Data

DELMIA Live Process Review (LSF) enables product and manufacturing engineers to review process plans authored in either V5 or V6. They can easily examine the Product, Process, and Resource (PPR) data as they conduct collaborative reviews.

LSF is a light-weight viewer that enables users to view V6 data directly or access V5 PPR data via a 3DXML export. Through its intuitive V6 user interface, LSF enables access to manufacturing process plans across the extended enterprise that allows all users to view process simulations.

  • Secure access to manufacturing process plans across the extended enterprise
  • Improved collaboration and reduced costs
  • Simplified user interface
  • Low-cost, light-weight viewer
  • View V5 and V6 product, process, and resource (PPR) data
    LSF is a light-weight viewer of PPR data authored in either V5 or V6. Users can access V6 data by connecting directly to the V6 database. V5 authors can export PPR data in a 3DXML format that can be viewed using LSF.
  • Replay simulations authored in V5 or V6
    Animations compiled from simulations in either V5 or V6 can be replayed by LSF users throughout the company. This is particularly helpful for collaborating during collaborative reviews with other stakeholders.
  • Easily navigate PPR data
    Each node in the process plan is represented by a graphic thumbnail image that allows users to easily navigate the data. Cross-highlighting between the PPR tree and the 3D geometry also helps users locate information easily.