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Delivers ultra fast modeling technologies for designers to embrace innovative shape design creation

CATIA Industrial Design

Unified workflow solution for Styling and Concept Design

To optimize the delivery of high-demand products, style and design are essential elements that not only help to design great products, but also help you to boost sales, increase customer loyalty, strengthen your brand identity, and distinguish yourself from the competition.

CATIA Industrial Design is the ideal workflow solution for styling and design. It empowers you to perform design sketch integration, ultra-fast 3D ideation concept modeling with subdivision surfaces, high-end surfacing, high-end real-time visualization, and photo-realistic rendering with mental ray. Standard exports are managed through STEP and IGES formats; while STL files are used for rapid prototyping.

  • Design with an Industrial Design workflow solution embedded in CATIA
  • Easily integrate 2D design into a 3D environment
  • Benefit from ultra-fast modeling, ideation, and exploration
  • Persuade and accelerate design validation
  • Take advantage of the complete CATIA Design environment
  • Share concepts and ideas quickly with powerful collaboration tools
  • Sketch integration
    2D stylists can integrate their work directly into the 3D CATIA environment, as the design reference for 3D modeling, with an intuitive toolset to calibrate the designer environment. 2D is easy to position and scale, further supporting the 3D geometric construction.
  • Direct modeling with CATIA Live Shape
    Delivers a revolutionary direct 3D modeling for casual users to quickly create design concepts and easily modify existing ones, as well as those from other CAD solutions.
  • Imagine & Shape Subdivisions Surface Technology
    Dedicated to aesthetical shape creation for conceptual design. This introduces a new way of modeling, similar to clay modeling, which allows designers to create very complex shapes simply and rapidly. Its natural way of working allows you to explore lots of innovative ideas.
  • Suite of direct surfacing modeling tools
    Dramatically simplifies the shape design process by unifying all types of free-form curves and surfaces in a single math-free representation. Provides surface-based tools to help designers create styled shapes and surfaces, enabling even casual users to easily smooth and trim curves and surfaces. Real-time quality checking is possible through curve and surface diagnostic and analysis tools.
  • Mechanical surface design
    Provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating and modifying mechanical surfaces used in the design of complex shapes or hybrid parts.
  • Intuitive assembly composition
    CATIA Live Compose, enables you to structure any assembly directly in 3D. You can reuse products and assemblies that already exist in the PLM reference, and intuitively compose new ones. First, you can collect products and assemblies from 3DLive and place them into a basket by positioning them dynamically in 3D; it’s as easy as drag and drop. You can then structure this new assembly directly in the turntable view, with standard operations such as cut, copy, paste, drag and drop, group and ungroup, making it very simple and rapid.
  • Instant and asynchronous collaboration
    Easily share data and ideas. Featuring image exchange, viewpoint synchronization, co-review and co-design, this solution allows instant and asynchronous collaboration between designers and engineers connected to the project reference.
  • Real-time, high-end visualization and photorealistic rendering with mental ray
    Designers can interactively create realistic renderings in real-time. They can also dynamically create and manipulate materials, lights, and environments with instant feedback. Plus, it’s possible to generate high-quality photo-realistic images based on industry leading mental images’ last-generation rendering software component.
  • Drafting Generation
    Delivers industry quality drawing production tools to designers.
  • Export Standard Files: STEP, IGES or STL files for Rapid Prototyping Machining
    Provides tools to quickly transform 3D virtual models into real physical prototypes for quality, ergonomic and aesthetic evaluation. This delivers mesh creation to export as a standard binary STL file for rapid prototyping machining.
  • 3D content online repurposing
    Live Distiller makes it possible to repurpose products from CATIA or 3DLive. You can easily publish CATIA models to online communities such as, enriching the virtual 3D warehouse to provide user friendly content for all.

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