DELMIA Versione 6 Release 2013x

Una 3DEXPERIENCE dei sistemi di produzione globali a servizio dello sviluppo sostenibile


DELMIA Engineering Process Automation Execution

Accelerates and secures engineering processes and offers greater innovation.

CATIA Automated Design Process Execution first allows companies to model and automate their best practices and know-how. It's done in a simple and intuitive way, without coding. From complex conceptual studies in the automotive to airframe structure generation for instance, an expert is able to capture, model, automate design and engineering tasks, embed core-knowledge rules and checks within those tasks. In a second step, the so-called captured best practices are delivered within the enterprise through a customized V6 application that includes all the required features and process knowledge.

CATIA Automated Design Process Execution takes advantage of the wide range of products in the CATIA V6 portfolio and leverages their capabilities in a powerful process-driven way. End-users have access to these high level V6 engineering process applications in the same way they have access to any other CATIA V6 workbenches. They can create products while following a pre-defined methodology derived from the enterprise's best practices as captured by the experts.

Guided by skilled rules and checks, free from time-consuming, repetitive design tasks, and it benefits from knowledge-driven task automation, so users can unleash their creativity and focus on innovation. Companies can considerably increase their competitiveness by providing better products and reducing costs.

  • Deploy your know-how through specialized, easy-to-use applications
  • Secure your design process
  • Accelerate design development cycles and unleash designer creativity
  • Deploys your know-how through specialized, easy-to-use applications
    The pseudo-applications created using CATIA Automated Design Process Execution are deployed and accessible through CATIA Automated Design Process Execution runtime product. Thus, all the experts' knowledge and practices are available within the V6 framework. These pseudo-applications benefit from CATIA V6's world-class look-and-feel and architecture. They are easy to use, intuitive and 100% integrated with all the CATIA V6 product range. End users can have access to one or several pseudo-applications according to their skill or domain expertise. The embedded knowledge-driven processes will guide and assist them to design with confidence while learning, understanding, and following the best practices being used.
  • Secures your design process
    End-users can take advantage of the best company know-how by using these high-added value pseudo-applications. Driven by the task sequencing characteristic of the pseudo-applications, compliance of their designs with all company methods and constraints is assured and the quality and performance of the products created are increased.
  • Accelerates design development cycles
    The pseudo-applications created with CATIA Automated Design Process Execution contain design methods that secure the design process and therefore save time and money. Benefiting from knowledge-driven tasks automation, end-users can explore more design alternatives or focus on innovation, letting V6 do the painful repetitive work. This approach leads to previously unattainable boosts in productivity.