3DS Business Overview

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations.

Dassault Systèmes’ global customer base includes companies primarily in 12 industrial sectors: Aerospace & Defense; Transportation & Mobility; Marine & Offshore; Industrial Equipment; High-Tech; Architecture, Engineering & Construction; Consumer Goods – retail; Consumer Packaged Goods – retail; Life Sciences; Energy, Process & Utilities; Financial & Business Services and most recently, Natural Resources.  

The Company’s 3DEXPERIENCE software applications portfolio is designed to enable the powering of 3D realistic virtual experiences and is comprised of social and collaborative applications, 3D modeling applications, content and simulation applications, and information intelligence applications.

The Company’s software applications are focused on helping customers address many of their most critical business issues:

• Innovation to create delightful customer experiences;

• Product quality;

• Time-to-market;

• Globalization (design/manufacture anywhere);

• Supply chain collaboration;

• Regulatory compliance;

• IP protection;

• Manufacturing efficiency; and

 • Social innovation.

3DS Business Strengths

We believe that our leadership of the global PLM market is due to our key business strengths with a: 

  • Software applications portfolio focused on helping customers address many of their most critical product issues.
  • Long-term focus, well supported by our financial model with a high level of recurring software revenue.
  • Substantial commitment to technological innovation, benefiting from an active dialogue with customers and users in product development and an open development platform to broaden product offerings for customers.
  • Market-proven brand strategy, with each brand having a clear identity and value to customers.
  • Resilient and dynamic ecosystem of sales partners, development partners, educational institutions and research enterprises.

3DS Growth Strategy

The Company’s principal growth opportunities reflect its current addressable market opportunity in PLM and the increased potential size of its addressable market with the introduction of its 3DEXPERIENCE strategy in 2012:


  • Advance its 3DEXPERIENCE Strategy and Business Platform, based upon its V6 architecture and capabilities;
  • Broaden its Industry Coverage and Diversification
  • Deepen its Regional Market Penetration
  • Expand its User Universe
  • Offer Software as a Service and mobile applications