Integration, Test & Validation

Reduce time, cost and error rates testing and validating systems virtually. 

The Industry Process Experience Integration, Test & Validation provides comprehensive capabilities to define, organise, execute and monitor virtual as well as physical test of systems.

The upstream and virtual cycle testing and validation helps eliminating potential errors when they can be remedied faster and at lower cost. Another benefit is that more development alternatives can be explored to effectively trade-off cost and performance without compromising safety.  Last-not-least, the model-based solution integrates multiple stakeholders including management to foster fact-based decision making.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • Efficiently test and validate customer and market requirements  - on component as well as on vehicle level.
  • Minimize the amount of physical prototypes required prior to production thanks to virtual modeling and performance simulation.
  • Reduce time and errors on tracing the fulfillment of requirements.