Regulation, Compliance & Certification

Enables fulfillment & documentation of certification or compliancy with industry standards


As industry compliance regulations increase, companies that can optimize how they manage their “environmental footprint” have an edge on their competition. Whether companies institute energy saving policies in their facilities, or produce environmentally friendlier products, consumers and regional regulators want proof of their sincerity.  Using eco-design as part of a green or environmental sustainability mission becomes a competitive differentiator.

Regulation, Compliance & Certification Industry Process Experience of the Lean, Green & Compliant solution enables fulfillment and documentation of certification and/or compliancy with diverse industry standards.  Accelerate your innovation to market knowing that your final product is optimized and competitive, yet also internationally compliant regarding safety, recyclability and other requirements.

Regulation, Compliance & Certification  solutions provide full regulatory visibility across the enterprise and supply chain, allowing your company to improve product quality by removing information silos that prevent collaboration and reuse of corporate knowledge.  They also provide accurate audit information and traceability by verifying and integrating product compliance specifics at every step of the product development process.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Enables confirmation of vehicle development/product compliance with global/regional standards.
  • Provides tools to quickly and effectively manage/generate required conformance documentation.
  • Supports capabilities to fulfill regulations and certifications for safety, crashworthiness or environmental protection.