Integration, Test & Validation

Integrated 3D testing and validation accelerates development, saving time and cost

Integration, Test & Validation Industry Process Experience of the Lean, Green & Compliant solution provides comprehensive capabilities to define, organize, execute and monitor the tests required to validate and certify vehicle requirements.  This multi-process support enhances accuracy and efficiency, and can accelerate the development cycle.

Early cycle testing and validation can not only catch potential errors when they are less costly to remedy, but can also enable the exploration of more development alternatives to determine the optimal balance of cost, performance, and eco-impact.  3D digital validation can readily enable your management to oversee and participate in collaborative digital mockup reviews and pre-assembly analyses. 

Integration, Test & Validation capabilities can also shorten the review process by sharing identified problems with team members in realistic 3D for faster resolution. Your team can then accurately track design errors from identification to resolution.  Finally, new innovative ideas can be quickly transformed from brainstorm into reality by making contextual changes in an integrated 3D workspace.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Enables testing and validation of customer requirements fulfillment from both component and vehicle perspectives.
  • Virtual 3D modeling and performance simulation minimizes the amount of physical prototypes required prior to production.
  • Provides confirmation of requirement fulfillment and quick, effective traceability.