Lean, Green & Compliant

Accelerates optimal, compliant, environmentally-responsible transportation innovation

Global vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are not only challenged with developing high-performance, profitable transportation, they must also fulfill regional requirements for fuel consumption, recyclability, and other environmental impacts as well.  Lean, Green & Compliant solutions provide the automated, proven capabilities you need to capture consumer preferences, simulate/optimize performance, and manage cost, weight & compliancy, all while fulfilling industry and government requirements.

Accelerate your innovation to market with the peace of mind that your final product is optimized and competitive, yet also internationally compliant regarding safety, sustainability and other requirements.  Test and validate your latest innovative ideas earlier in the development cycle, which saves cost, time and effort.

Advanced 3D vehicle modeling and behavior simulation can also support the estimate of energy balance and potential impact on the environment. Environmental impact score cards, integrated in the design environment, are updated as your product evolves to better enable your teams to complete the optimal development decisions. Proven Lean, Green and Compliant solutions can quickly strengthen your competitive advantage.

Discover the Values of the Lean, Green & Compliant solution:

  • Enables quick and accurate confirmation of vehicle compliancy with global/regional standards
  • Provides a 3D validation platform to architect, simulate and validate vehicle performance, embedded systems, and manufacturing processes, saving time and cost
  • Supports evaluation and optimization of vehicle behavior regarding its energy balance and weight
  • Enables analysis of the health and environmental impact along the entire lifecycle of the vehicle
  • Integrates diverse development disciplines, within a unified platform, toward optimizing innovation

Ensuring that our products comply with key international material compliance and environmental regulations will be a crucial element of our long term business success and commitment to green initiatives as we look to expand overseas. The deployment of Dassault Systèmes’ compliance solutions represents a significant investment enabling us to proactively manage all of the reporting and analysis requirements for all of the thousands of parts and multitude of suppliers involved in the development of our products.

Li ShuLi Deputy President, R&D Center, Great Wall Motor Company