Design Collaboration

Share design information across project teams

Marine and Offshore projects involve multiple design and engineering disciplines. Their ability to integrate and share heterogeneous information to conduct design reviews is critical to avoid necessary reworks and ultimately project delays. Non-engineering teams and downstream processes also need to access design information.

With On Time To Sea, engineers and designers can integrate their legacy and xCAD design information in a unified project environment via industry standard formats. As a result, the different discipline-specific design teams can effectively collaborate with each other and perform proper cross-discipline review and integration, thereby improving the quality of the overall design. This design information is also available to other non-design related project members allowing them to be more effective in their jobs.

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • View and perform multi-discipline reviews on heterogeneous design data
  • Unified Bill of Materials (BOM) for heterogeneous design data
  • Access to design information for all non-engineering personnel and downstream processes