Licensed to Cure for BioPharma Solution

Transform the way your company brings innovative therapeutic solutions to patients

Drug Variation Excellence

Leverage a Unified Product Governance

Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies strive to deliver the best medicines and therapies to their patients but are often faced with numerous challenges.

Is it possible to increase product variations to better target drug populations and expand your business? How do you reduce product variation launch complexity while maintaining quality and compliance? Can you anticipate variations, analyze the impact, and set change priorities? Is it possible to leverage real-time global collaboration to evaluate changes?

Our Licensed to Cure for BioPharma solution helps you manage the complexity of change by connecting everyone in your organization and supply chain in the process with enterprise-level access that provides a 360-degree view of all regulatory-related processes. With an executive dashboard that reflects your product portfolio in real-time and a supply chain decision support dashboard that merges internal and external web-based information, you can efficiently and effectively analyze the impact of forecasted changes and deliver the best medicines and therapies to patients more quickly.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Execute changes in a timely and effective manner aligned with pharma best practices.
  • Standardize change management business practices to request, evaluate, approve and execute changes.
  • Make the best decisions with a 360° view of product and process information throughout the product lifecycle.