Licensed to Cure for BioPharma Solution

Transform the way your company brings innovative therapeutic solutions to patients

Drug Packaging Excellence

Deliver advanced therapeutic solutions to market faster

Effective package management is an increasingly critical capability for pharmaceutical companies. Pressure to maximize the potential of current product portfolios due to thin pipelines has now propelled several companies to enhance packaging to add more value to the consumer, as well as to reduce costs. Better packaging brings benefits not only to the patient, but also to nurses, pharmacists, doctors and manufacturers. Packaging can reinforce brand preference, improve compliance, facilitate consumption and adherence, limit dosing errors and help prevent counterfeiting.

With one active pharmaceutical ingredient yielding as many as 1,000 finished products, managing packaging complexity requires a business experience platform that can drive a company’s activities in a controlled and managed approach.

With enterprise-wide access to all drug products and processes, Licensed to Cure for BioPharma solution provides holistic view dashboards that enable drug makers to manage all of the components in a single system including raw materials, manufacturing data, suppliers, ingredient formulas and primary and secondary packaging. The Licensed to Cure for BioPharma solution provides decision and process traceability for all variations and changes at the product and country level and helps streamline packaging processes through real-time, global collaboration, including bill of labeling, artwork and change management.

Key Highlights & Benefits:

  • Manage primary & secondary packaging.
  • Ensure compliance with decision & process traceability.
  • Manage all variations and changes to the package and label for  all international versions.
  • Streamline packaging process through collaboration including bill of labeling, artwork and change management.