Licensed to Cure for BioPharma Solution

Transform the way your company brings innovative therapeutic solutions to patients

In an environment of expiring patents, more stringent regulations and increased development costs, leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are adopting new strategies that enable them to create more value for their consumers. Traditional business strategy based solely on developing new molecules and blockbusters drugs cannot be sustained. The challenge is to deliver enhanced therapeutic solutions to your markets.

At Dassault Systèmes, we recognize the need for the transformation and understand that pharmaceutical and biotech companies must engage patients early in development, as well as consistently post-market. Our 3DEXPERIENCE platform for the Life Sciences industry provides solutions that help our clients create products that are highly suitable for the patient. An end-to-end process approach allows companies to connect with patients, care givers, and regulatory agencies both pre-market and post-market using an interactive on-line experience platform to help ensure therapeutic efficacy, quality and safety.

Licensed to Cure for BioPharma solution enables companies to transition from traditional product-oriented model to a holistic product development system, to react and respond more quickly to market needs and demands for delivery of enhanced therapeutic solutions.

Discover the values of Licensed to Cure for BioPharma:

  • Leverage Unified Product Governance
  • Deliver advanced therapeutic solutions to market faster