Single Source for Speed

One unique solution to engineer, source and produce fast anywhere

Production Engineering

Optimize Production Engineering

Industrial Equipment companies must reduce their product development and manufacturing costs and efficiently manage their supply chain to design, manufacture and install anywhere. They need to maintain manufacturing quality and flexibility in a competitive market. Furthermore, they need to ensure they retain the best manufacturing set up all through product evolution.

The production engineering processes must be optimized to gain productivity and stay ahead of the competition while increasing revenue through faster delivery of machined parts. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, our applications help improve first time quality by eliminating errors and ambiguity on the shop floor with precise work instructions. They also enable customers to capitalize and reuse their company know-how for efficient programming. Single Source for Speed will help to lower your total cost of ownership by managing the single source of the truth including product, process and resource data integration.

Key Benefits:

  • Increases productivity by using a single system from design to manufacturing.
  • Reduces product development costs by managing concurrent engineering.
  • Risks associated with change are evaluated by forecasting the effects on resources, effort and schedules.
  • Evaluates more design alternatives faster.