Industrial Equipment Products

As subcontractors, mechanical power, heating, and refrigeration equipment companies are challenged to provide their contractors with high performance products on time. Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE solutions help subcontractors ensure on-time delivery and end user satisfaction.

Delivering efficient machine components on time

Mechanical power, heating and refrigeration equipment are products that OEMs often subcontract to Industrial Equipment suppliers.

This enables cost savings, on-time delivery and better performance thanks to the product supplier’s expertise. As subcontractors, industrial equipment product companies are challenged to deliver their products on time to contractors that must deliver on time as well to avoid late penalties.

By producing efficient products, suppliers ensure customer satisfaction and repeat orders.

With our Industry Solution Experiences, mechanical power, heating, and refrigeration equipment suppliers can overcome these challenges to satisfy their customers by delivering high quality and more sustainable products on time.