Product Testing & Simulation

Washing Machine

Reduce product returns and warranty costs with improved virtual testing 

Smarter Faster Lighter Product Testing & Simulation give companies a deeper understanding of the product behavior in less time than physical prototyping . Unlike other existing CAE solutions, it allows CAE and Systems co-simulation within the system level assessment.

Accurate multi-disciplinary system models can be created early during the concept design stage. The system behavior can then be simulated using these 1-D models, and various system parameters can be improved to meet performance targets. 3-D multi-physics simulations can be conducted to further fine-tune different components before creating prototypes for physical testing, reducing the overall product development time and cost while helping to ensure product quality and innovation.

About: Simulation Puts a New Spin on Washing Machine Design

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Accelerate design decisions and get products to market faster
  • Improve product performance and reliability
  • Reduce the need for physical prototypes through virtual testing and lifecycle prediction
  • Detect problems early in the design process 

Our aim is to create a high quality, reliably strong notebook while keeping cost and product development time down. With Abaqus, we are more innovative, faster, and can produce higher-quality products.

Dr Zhifeng Xin Senior Manager, Innovation Design Center (IDC), Lenovo