Issue, Defect & Change Management

Integrate issues, defect, and change management data 

Smarter, Faster, Lighter Issue, Defect & Change Management helps ensure the integrity of all reported electronic component issues and defects, while accounting for all changes required to fix each problem in a product’s lifecycle. With Issue, Defect & Change Management, all product development stakeholders can raise and resolve issues, regardless of role or location. All issues are identified, assigned to owners, tracked (reported upon), and resolved in a seamless, common platform. To keep the entire enterprise synchronized, issues can spawn formal change processes for engineering and manufacturing.

Any intellectual property, whether stored in a legacy PLM system or other application, can be identified as an affected item of an issue or a change. In order to reduce change cycle time, suppliers and customers can participate in the issue and change management processes as required. 

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Gain an end-to-end process from issue identification to defect resolution
  • Generate detailed impact analyses for efficient correction strategies
  • Streamline the correction process while respecting the structure of the affected product
  • Match the dynamic and structured correction process flows to user roles and team structure
  • Centralize all issues in one system, follow their resolution and assessment, and continuously improve your process